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Pollination Services- Putting our bees to work for YOU!

Royal Kenyon BeeWorks bee pollination service in Flagstaff.Bees provide the world with a HUGE service!

By pollinating fruits, vegetables, and trees around the globe, they literally ensure the survival of mankind.  Certain flowers require bee pollination in order for them to fruit and then go to seed.  Around the country, farmers and growers rely on bee pollination for their crop yields.  Studies have shown that the proper pollination of crops by bees can produce 6 times the yield than without.  The entire almond industry in the United States depends on beekeepers bringing hives of bees into the orchard to pollinate the almond trees.  Without them, the supply would fail.  Large orchards and farms sometimes pay $150 per hive per week in order to bring these little pollinators in from around the country.

Royal Kenyon BeeWorks bee pollination service in Flagstaff.We are able to provide you with local pollination services in the Flagstaff area for a fraction of that cost.  Already we have partnered with individuals and community gardens in the area to help them save precious time with our bees, instead of trying to hand-pollinate the produce in their gardens and fields.  This service is especially beneficial for local organic farms and those growing fruits and vegetables for sale in places like farmer’s markets and family farms.  Our prices start as low as $10 per week for a hive in your garden or field and can remain there from May-September if you wish.

Royal Kenyon BeeWorks bee pollination service in Flagstaff.

Nate setting up a hive in the Parks Community Garden


If you run a community garden or are interested in hosting a hive at your school we will even provide you with a seasonal hive for FREE!

Contact us today to find out more about our pollination services and start putting our bees to work for you!

Flower Power!

If you haven’t gotten out and about into the local Flagstaff countryside, what are you waiting for? The wildflowers here in Northern Arizona are in full bloom everywhere you go. And you know what that means? LOTS of bee activity! We have been getting lots of requests for bee swarm removal, which means our bee buddies are growing and splitting and creating new colonies. Good for the local flowering plants, fruits, and vegetables!

I recently went out to a local community garden in Parks where we have one of our hives nearby. They requested one for pollinating their garden. Without adequate bee pollination, they have been hand-pollinating with q-tips! We freely placed a rescued hive out there and the ladies are doing great! So great in fact that I had to add a third deep hive box on top of the two brood boxes, dedicated to filling with honey and beeswax. That means we will soon have local honey collected from the Parks area to sell there at the community garden on Saturday! If you’re out in that area stop by and see all they grow there, and pick up some locally-made organic wildflower honey! Many people swear by it for helping their seasonal allergies.

If you have a bee swarm here in Flagstaff, Parks, or anywhere within the area let us know and we’ll come rescue them and put them to good use!

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