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Honey FAQ

Honey FAQ

Honey FAQ about our organically produced artisan Flagstaff honey from our native Northern Arizona bees!

Not all honey is created equal!  We produce our Flagstaff honey from local Northern Arizona bees.
Born here.  Bred here.  Happy here.
Here’s a little honey FAQ

raw wildflower local flagstaff honey jars Honey FAQOur Flagstaff honey bees come from bee removal rescues that we do throughout Northern Arizona, and are not shipped in from around the country, or shipped around on trucks for pollination services.  We believe that makes the best tasting and most beneficial Arizona honey around!

We have easy online ordering and offer shipping, as well as local Flagstaff delivery of all our honey, soaps, lip balms and more.  Give our honey a try!  We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Want to sample before you buy?  We have small 3oz jars available!  Perfect for comparing our honey to what you’ll find on the supermarket shelf.  Take the taste test challenge!

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Honey FAQ raw flagstaff honey jars

Honey FAQ

What does “organically produced” honey mean?

Organic honey.  It means we don’t mess with our bees, and as a result don’t mess with the honey.  No antibiotics, supplements, or feeding our bees nutrient-bare high fructose corn syrup as a replacement to the honey that is taken from them.  This is often a practice with large commercial beekeeping operations, even other regional honey suppliers.  We wont do that.  Our bees deserve better.  We rescue and raise healthy, happy bees!

What is raw honey?

Simply put, it’s not cooked to death.  Natural honey is a pure food that never spoils.  Often in commercial operations honey is super heated in order to help prevent crystallization and make it easier to pour into and out of jars or plastic bears.  In the big bad bottling factories the heated honey becomes very liquid and this helps make ultra-fine filtering happen.  This overly-processed honey is stripped of beneficial pollen, nutrients, and key enzymes which make honey what it normally is…a natural superfood.  We don’t kill or remove those nutrients in the honey.  It’s all there, the way the bees make it.

What is honey crystallization?

Why does honey crystallize? Honey is a complex mixture of natural sugars from the nectar that bees collect.  Honey doesn’t go bad by itself, but it will crystallize or firm up over time.  All honey does.  This happens as the sugar molecules get together and form a crystalline lattice structure, bonding themselves to one another and growing crystals.  Remember rock candy?  It’s pretty similar.  This doesn’t mean the honey has gone bad or spoiled, just makes is a bit more difficult to remove.  Placing your jars in a warm water bath on low heat will help these crystals melt and turn your honey liquid again.  Never heat honey in a microwave as it destroys the beneficial enzymes and nutrition, and can also make your honey become superheated and dangerously hot very quickly.

Isn’t raw honey supposed to be white and creamy?

Nope.  You’re thinking of spun, creamed, or whipped honey- which is sometimes sold simply as “raw honey”.  This is usually the result of introducing tiny honey crystals into liquid honey and allowing those tiny crystals to become the blueprint size for the crystallization process that happens within the jar.  This results in tiny crystals throughout the jar and a spreadable texture to the honey, rather than larger crystals that lock together and make it more solid.  Oftentimes you will see raw honey that is white and creamy, but not always.  Raw honey simply means it’s not overly heated and can still be made and bought in liquid form, especially if it’s freshly packed.

raw flagstaff Honey FAQ  Royal Kenyon BeeWorks

Organic Honey? What’s that all about?


So just what is “organic” honey and why does it matter?  Isn’t all honey naturally organic anyways?

The simple answer? No.

The bee keepers, who produce organic honey, make sure it is really organic by following certain standards. The natural habitat and life cycle of the bees are protected. They don’t expose the honey bees to any kind of synthetic chemicals or antibiotics to control diseases. The reason organic honey is excellent for your health is because it’s made without anything artificial that could harm you.

Interestingly enough, several scientific studies have proven beyond all doubt that organic honey is good for you. Honey can for example be used to treat sore throats, common calls, and even bronchial problems. It can also be used to help treat a number of stomach related problems such as ulcers. Furthermore, honey contains certain enzymes which help you to digest food. Lastly but not least, honey can be used to treat wounds in order to speed up the healing process. This is of course because honey is rich in natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, and because of its thick constituency, it also provides a natural barrier to open wounds.


Because honey has a low PH and high sugar content, it can be used effectively to prevent bacteria from infecting wounds. In fact, honey has an antiseptic action very similar to that of hydrogen peroxide. Honey is also recognized as being an effective remedy for treating burns, because not only does it reduce the pain by keeping the burn moist, but it also seals the burn which helps to prevent further contamination. Another benefit of using honey to treat burns is that the resultant scars tend to be less prominent than they would be if the burn had been treated with a different compound.

Thanks to surveys, it has been found that the vast majority of people prefer the taste of organic honey over other types of honey which contain additives. Organic honey is also known to be extremely gentle on your stomach, and it can very often contain beneficial bacteria which can aid your digestive system. Another noticeable benefit of honey is the energy factor, due to its fructose and glucose content. Essentially, these cause the body to store glycogen in the muscles and in the liver, which in turn means you end up having more energy. For this reason, organic honey is often eaten by athletes before taking part in events. Of course, because of organic honey contains antioxidants, it can also be extremely beneficial for the immune system.

Nowadays more and more people are discovering the convenience of organic honey crystals, in that they are a natural sweetener which has the entire flavor of honey, but without the stickiness. The crystals are made from pure organic honey and pure organic cane juice, meaning that they contain no preservatives, no artificial coloring, and no artificial flavoring. In fact, the crystals are ideal for adding to beverages and food recipes if you want to add the flavor of honey. For example, you can add the crystals to your tea and coffee, to smoothies, and even to things such as salads, breads, puddings, and cereals.

As you can see, there are LOTS of uses for honey, and especially organic honey where the bees are taken care of and the honey you consume is naturally made without the bees ingesting antibiotics, steroids, or artificial pollen and nectar.  So the only lingering question…is “organic” honey the same as “raw” honey? Nope!  But that’s an entirely different post.  Stay tuned!

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